Future of Software Testing :

According to NASSCOM report, worldwide software testing outsourcing market is expected to grow from $30 Billion in 2010 to $50 Billion in 2020 and India is expected to be the biggest beneficiary of this growth.

Ref: http://www.indiainfoline.com/article/news-top-story/outsourcing-of-global-software-testing-to-grow-50bn-by-2020-nasscom-113110801112_1.html

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Move towards Specialized Testing :

Traditional Software Testing is costlier and time taking. Now companies are looking for specialized testing services to reduce the costs. As per analysts demand for specialized testing is increasing and creating more jobs in this area

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Web & Mobile Applications demands Testing :

Rapid growth of Web & mobile app market increases demand for testing jobs in web application & mobile application testing

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Lack of Skills – Companies Fears :

As per a study by Aspiring Minds an Indian "employability evaluation and Certification Company" 95% of engineers in India are unfit for IT jobs due to lack of required skills.

Ref: http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/info-tech/95-engineers-in-india-unfit-for-software-development-jobs-study/article9652211.ece

IT companies are spending more efforts to train the fresher's, most of the companies worried as they won’t get profit for at least 1st year from un-skilled people and wont likes to pay more.

How soon I get a Job – Validate your self by looking at the “Job Opportunities Quadrant”

1. Low – 70 to 80% fresher's fall under this quadrant.

* They have only academics knowledge from the college, No other software’s exposure to them.
* Companies think that it is not worth in taking them as they need long time to be ready for a project.
* Most of the time their resume wont be short listed

2. Medium – 20 to 30% fall under this quadrant

* Along with academics they learn software testing from training institutes
* Companies think that they need some training and project exposure to them
* the time they fail in the interviews as expectations differ from companies

3. High – approx. 5% fall under this quadrant

* Along with academics they learn software testing & one tool (QTP/Selenium mostly) from training institutes But these people fit for only one type of projects
* Companies think that they can be on-boarded with minimum efforts, at least after 6 months they can get billing from them
* Most of the these category people are get through the companies but competing with the same quadrant people

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4. Very High – 0%, Companies expects people from this quadrant

* Along with academics they learn software testing & multiple tools based on the current web & mobile testing demand and have project exposure
* Companies think that they can on-boarded them into the projects quickly and get the profits, also they fit for multiple types of projects
* If a person have multi tools skills & project exposure he can beat the completion and can demand for high salary, can choose the best project suitable, quickly get the promotions or onsite opportunities

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Specialized Testing Programme& Internship (STP & I) :

  • STP & I is approximately 500 hours long program focusing on boosting the skills of students required for Software Testing companies.
  • A student with these skills can independently work on a immediately.
  • Student will learn the Specialized Testing skills.
  • Student will learn the testing & tools knowledge for Web& mobile projects.
  • Job opportunities will greatly improve to students with this profile.

Vision :

Increase the technical confidence by 100%


Provide One+ job opportunities for 100% students

One + Job

Define successful career graph for the next 10 years

Carrier Growth

STP & I Road map :

stp road

There are several job opportunities are provided by QA-Masters. We built a resume based on companies HR, Technical and Management requirements.

Management references:

QA-Masters is having many architects and management team in Testing area. We have many sources providing precise jobs information. Through the self contacts we provide references to our students.

Our Placement Division

QA-Masters have a dedicated HR team who are constantly working and identifying the suitable job opportunities.

We leverage off campus recruitments.

We invite IT companies to our premises for recruitment .

Our Partner Consultancies:

QA-Masters is tied up with external consulting companies for fresher's recruitment.

QA-Masters is tied up independent recruitment consultants on pay for placement model.

STP & I has unique curriculum focusing on the industry requirements.

Step.1 Step.2 Step.3 Step.4
Manual Testing Student Evaluation Manual Testing Training Test &Defect Management Tools Sessions New YorTest an application(Project)
Automation Testing Automation Testing Training(Selenium) Java/C#/Script Language sessions Framework Development Automating an application (Project)
MobileTesting Mobile Testing Training(Appium) Automating Web & Native apps Continuous Integration & Deployment Testing Mobile applications(Project)
Op1:Performance Testing Performance Testing Training (JMeter) Coding /Monitoring /Reporting Performance Best practices Performance Testing of an application (Project)
Op2: Web service Testing Web services Testing Training (Soap UI) Automating Web & Native apps Continuous Integration & Deployment Testing Mobile applications (Project)
  • QA Process, Standards, Org. Practices
  • Daily Assignments ; Weekly & Monthly Evaluation Tests & Group Discussions
  • Mock Interviews by Managers & Techniques to crack interview

For the detailed course contents visit the link below:

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Manual Testing:

Dilip R – Test Lead with 8 years of experience in Software Testing and ISTQB certified. He worked for top independent software testing companies

Narender G – Test Manager with 12 years experience in Software Testing. He delivered large scale testing projects in India & Middle east

Automation Testing:

Ravi Kiran – Automation architect with 12 years experience with both open source & commercial tools. He designed and developed many automation frameworks

Praveen Kumar – Automation architect with 10 years of experience and most of it into open source automation tools. His served customers from India and Mid Europe

Mobile Testing:

Venkata Prasad – Tech Lead with 7 years of experience with mobile tools stack. He is a mobile champ in providing automation solutions to new customers.

Rajesh G – Mobile Test Architect with 11 years of experience in automation & mobile ecosphere. He architected mobile solutions for large scale customers.

Performance Testing:

Shivadutt – Performance architect with 12 years of experience in Load, Stress testing and performance engineering.He has designed several solutions with open source & commercial performance test tools

Pradeep Kumar – Performance Lead with 8 years of experience in JMeter testing & architecture.

Web Services Testing:

Raghuveer – SOA architect with 13 years of experience with SOAP & REST protocols. Expert test solution designer with SOAP UI. He provided web services test solutions to large multi layer applications.

Sainath– Architect with 12 years of experience with open source & COTS SOA tools. He is an expert in designing several frameworks and automation web services solutions

Soft skills:

Subhasini – A 12 years experienced English trainer supporting several IT companies to improve communications skill of fresher employees. She has done MA in English and MBA

Organizational Process:

Mohan– Senior Architect with 17 years of experience and account manager for several large engagements. Member of SEPG process group, interviewed several hundreds of people. Knowledgeable testing process expert

External Interviewers & Guest Lecturers:

Trinath – Senior Test Manager with 16 years of experience mentored several teams & expert in fresher interviews

Bayyapu Reddy – 16 years expert in testing and industry analyzer. Expert in interviews and providing right feedback

Independent freelance consultants from testing industry on need basis

Placement Officer:

Sirisha– HR and digital associate. A collaborator and lead generator working with IT industry. Expert in regular & off campus placements

Neha – Resume designer and designs resume to show case the technical skills to connect to company HR’s, Managers & technical staff

External consulting companies to identify and place the people in companies on demand

Internship Project Planner:

A group of 5 architects provide live projects (see the list of live projects below) to guide the students. These are experts in STLC (Software Testing Life Cycle). To start with manual testing, followed by automating the test cases authored. Students do the mobile testing and performance or web services testing for the same or another project.

List of live projects (2017): (This list may change once these projects are delivered)

  1. Fixit – Swedish home services portal and is multilingual application. Development is in progress
  2. EMU – Project to support large IT companies to manage their projects infrastructure. Development is in progress
  3. Cerno – A UK based automation test solution and a product to facilitate automation testing team. Development is in progress

Internal Exam Coordinators:

QA Masters Office Staff

STP Programme Manager:

Sudha JV – STP program manager and point of contact for students and companies

Key Differentiators:

STPI is an unique program provided in India. Fresher’s or Job seekers are mostly benefited out of this, our differentiators are –

  • Unique program with INTERNSHIP.
  • Approx. 500 hours program to develop the Specialized Testing Skills.
  • Designed specific to the IT industry needs.
  • Project oriented training sessions, trainings are provided using Projects.
  • Job Assistance.

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