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Load Runner

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Load Runner Course Outline:

Module1: Introduction to Performance Testing
Module2: Introduction to Load Runner
Module3: Vugen
Module4: Correlation
Module5: Checkpoints
Module6: Transactions
Module7: Comments in script
Module8: Vugen Logs
Module9: Script Structure
Module10: Parameterization
Module11: C functions and File concepts
Module12: Runtime Settings
Module13: LR Functions, LR Versions & Vugen Error Messages
Module14: Script covering all topics
Module15: Protocols
Module16: Controller
Module17: Analyzer
Module18: Performance Analysis Approach
Module19: Load RunnerLive Project –Getting ready to work on a project
Module20: How to crack Load RunnerInterview
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Introduction to Performance Testing

  • What is Performance Testing?
  • Types of Performance Testing
  • Common Performance problems
  • Performance Testing process
  • Different type of Performance testing tools
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Introduction to Load Runner

  • What is Load Runner?
  • Load Runner Components
  • Load Runner Protocols
  • Protocol Advisor
  • Load RunnerComponents License
  • Load Runner Architecture
  • How Load Runner works?
  • How Load Runner works?
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  • What is Vugen?
  • Vugen Workflow
  • Vugen Recording options
  • Exercises – Module3
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  • What is Correlation?
  • Web_reg_save_param () function
  • Correlation text flags
  • Correlation Rules
  • Exercises – Module4
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  • What are checkpoints?
  • Types of checkpoints?
  • Exercises – Module5
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  • What are Transactions?
  • Syntax with example
  • Nested Transactions with syntax and example
  • Exercises – Module6
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Comments in script

  • Why to use comments in the scripts?
  • How to insert comments in the scripts?
  • Exercises – Module7
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Vugen Logs

  • Vugen logs
  • Recorded log
  • Replay log
  • Compilation errors
  • Errors, Warnings
  • Runtime Data
  • Exercises – Module8
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Script Structure

  • Script Structure
  • Multiple action files
  • Script Rules
  • Exercises – Module9
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  • What is Parameterization?
  • Objectives of Parameterization
  • Parameter types
  • Simulate Parameters
  • Parameter Properties
  • Parameter combinations
  • Exercises – Module10
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C functions and File concepts

  • atoi()
  • itoa()
  • How to create a File to store data?
  • How to create Unique File & How to verify created file?
  • Exercises – Module11
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Runtime Settings

  • Run Logic
  • Pacing
  • Log
  • Think Time
  • Miscellaneous
  • Speed Simulation
  • Browser Emulation
  • Content Check
  • Proxy
  • Blocks – Multiple Actions
  • Think time vs Pacing
  • Exercises – Module12
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LR Functions, LR Versions & Vugen Error Messages

  • Load Runner Functions
  • Load Runner Versions
  • Vugen Error Messages
  • Exercises – Module13
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Script covering all topics

  • Explanation of web Tours application script which covers all the above topics
  • Exercises – Module14
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  • Web Bundle Protocol
  • Exercises – Module15
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  • What is Controller?
  • Scenarios Creation
  • Design and Run Views
  • Post execution activity
  • Scenario Checklist
  • Exercises – Module16
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  • What is Analyzer?
  • Auto Load Analysis
  • Session Explorer
  • 90th Percentile
  • Analyzer Graphs
  • Analyzer Reports
  • Drill-down
  • Granularity
  • Auto Correlate
  • Cross Results
  • Merge Graphs
  • Exercises – Module17
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Performance Analysis Approach

  • Performance Analysis approach
  • Server Monitoring metrics
  • Performance Bottlenecks
  • Some other important topics
  • Server Monitoring tool
  • Exercises – Module18
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Load RunnerLive Project –Getting ready to work on a project

  • Creating a Automation plan for a project
  • Develop Automation Scripts
  • Review of Automation Scripts
  • Automation scripts execution
  • Automation results reporting
  • Defect Reporting
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How to crack Load RunnerInterview

  • Resume preparation
  • Mock Interview
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